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Join the Best Interest of the Child Tribe

Change Family Laws in Canada

If you are going through a Divorce or Separation, that involves children, and it is in the hands of Family Court, your Family Lawyer will tell you there are no guarantees. 

When dealing with the wellbeing of your children a “roll of the dice” is not good enough!
The “best interests of the child” is a principle grounded in legislation and case law. In making an order for parenting time, decision-making responsibility or contact under the Divorce Act, the court will consider only the “best interests of the child”. 

Section 16(2) says the court shall give primary consideration to the child's physical, emotional and psychological safety, security and well-being.  Over 40 years of credible, peer reviewed Social Science research concludes that Gender Equality and Shared Parenting is in the Best Interest of our Children.

Long Term vs Short Term - Best Interest of the Children

So why doesn’t the Divorce Act in Canada state what is truly in “best interests of the child”?
Why doesn’t the Divorce Act make Gender Equality and Shared Parenting the Rebuttable Presumption?

The "Short Term" best interest of the Child ensures that lawyers stay engaged, parents continue to fight and spend money on a Family Law Firm to represent them.  
Your Family Law Lawyer is not your friend.

The "Long Term" Best Interest of the Child is to have 
Maximum Time with Both Parents.  
Maximum with Both means 50:50 Parenting Time.

If the Act was changed to state, the default or presumption in Family Court would be Equal Parenting UNLESS it can be PROVEN a parent is unfit ( the “rebuttable” part ) then our children have a fighting chance. Is that what your children deserves in our Courts? THEN FOCUS!

JOIN our Growing Army of Champions
Do you want the best for your child after Divorce or Seperation?
Do you know this is not a Father’s Rights Issue or a Mother’s Rights Issue 
but rather a Child’s Rights Issue?

Do you want to make a legislative change to ensure Parenting time is shared between both parents and is the default in Family Court even in high conflict situations?
Are you angry that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for both your child and you is not respected?

Are you angry with Family Laws and Family Courts that have nothing to do 
with your FAMILY PRINCIPLES and everything to do with FAMILY LAWYER PROFITS ?

Join Us and Make Changes to the Divorce Act!

BIO CHILD Advocates for Gender Equal Shared Parenting.  Our Team is growing and we are looking for Champions from Coast to Coast to join our team, and insist on Gender Equal Parenting Legislation in Parliament.  
You can help!
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