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Parent Impact: Joint custody vs sole custody, outcomes for kids independent of income or parental conflict

Is joint physical custody (JPC) linked to any better or worse outcomes for children than sole physical custody (SPC) after considering family income and parental conflict? In the 60 studies published in English in academic journals or in government reports, 34 studies found that JPC children had better outcomes on all of the measures.... Read more >>>

Parent Impact:  Single Moms with 50/50 Co-Parenting schedules earn more, survey of 2,279 finds....

The more parenting time equality single moms share with their kids' dads, the higher their income. This was the biggest finding of Single Mom Income and Time-Sharing Survey, which polled 2,270 single mothers about their employment, income, time-sharing and related feelings....Read more >>>

Public Support: How Canadians feel about the Value of Equally Shared Parenting...

There is strong support among Canadians that it is in the child’s best interest to have as much time as possible with both parents (67% support, 22% somewhat support) and that children have the right to spend equal time or near equal time with both of their parents (67% support, 23% somewhat support) following parents’ divorce or separation... Read more >>>

Children's Health: Children who have lost their father have a 14% shorter lifespan...

Father loss during childhood has negative health & behavioural consequences. Our goal was to examine how father loss (because of separation and/or divorce, death, or incarceration) is associated with cellular function as estimated by telomere length.... Read more >>>

Global Social Outcomes: Spain shows the positive outcomes of equally shared parenting legislation...

Equal Parenting laws in Spain now apply to 40% of divorces, with implications for family outcomes and teenagers’ risky behaviour. .... Read more >>>

Parent Health Outcomes: Divorce is the second most significant non-medical risk factor for mortality ...

With so much interest paid these days to health risks, mortality rates and governments’ role in encouraging optimal public behaviour, the following study probably should have received more attention that it has....Read More >>>
Recently Separated or Alienated?
Here are some resources to get you started...

The Smart Little Llama - English Audio Book

The Smart Little Llama - Mandarin Audio Book

  • BIO CHILD Links to Childrens AudioBooks in both English and Mandarin
  • BIO CHILD Click the link below for no Audio (So you can read it to your child)
  • BIO CHILD Make a donation of $50 or more and receive a hard copy.
BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD is a Children's Rights  advocacy group who is focussed on Gender Equality in custody disputes for the long term health benefits of the children.  You can become a family champion by joining our Best Interest of the Child Awareness Campaign across Canada promoting the Best Interest of the Child in cases of family breakdown.

Please consider joining our Awareness Campaign to promote and improve child well being.  Join us to seek legislative changes to the Divorce Act to reflect the presumption of Gender Equality in the Distribution of Parenting duties and time, at the onset of divorce or separation, in the absence of abuse, neglect, or violence.

Children’s best interests are served by having both parents actively involved in a child's growth and development, while Gender Equality is satisfied by allowing fit parents to raise their children.

You will be guided every step of the way with a Child’s Best Interest Tool kit and peer support to schedule and attend a meeting with your local  legislators, to present information and resources to make changes starting TODAY