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Our Shared Mission

To amend the Marriage Act and the Divorce Act, to reflect the true 
long term best interest of the child
by having both parents and extended family members 
actively involved after separation or divorce.

Our Vision for Canadian Society
  • FOCUS - Canadian children’s short and long term wellbeing is protected because strong parental bonds through Gender Equality and Shared Parenting Arrangements are in place resulting in healthier and happier families.
  • FOCUS - Canada enshrines the U.N. Rights of the Child, ratified in 1991, in its laws and practices, ensuring Gender Equality and Shared Parenting is the norm after Divorce or Separation.
  • FOCUS - Both parents are treated equally in Family Court, as guaranteed in Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and are recognized as equally required for a child’s wellbeing.
...and the majority of Canadians Share Our "Vision."
According to a 2022 Nanos Poll:
  • FOCUS - over 75% of Canadians support Equal Shared Parenting after Separation (absent special circumstances like abuse or addictions.)
  • FOCUS - 89% feel that Gender Equality and Shared Parenting is in “the best interest of children" after separation or Divorce.
  • FOCUS - 90% feel children have the right to both parents after separation.
  • FOCUS - Canadians are 6 x more likely to vote for a political candidate who supports equally shared parenting.
  • FOCUS 1 in 5 (~1.6 million) Canadian children are impacted by Divorce or Separation and this doesn’t include “common law” families
  • FOCUS 78% of children (> 970,000) don't have Gender Equal Parenting Time & Decision making, which is putting that child’s wellbeing at risk...
  • FOCUS Children who are not in a Gender Equal Shared Parenting situation after family separation or divorce have 4 x the Suicide Rate!
  • FOCUS  Children who are not in an Equally Shared Custody situation after  separation or divorce make up 90% of incarcerated youth and runaways.
  • FOCUS Children who dont have equal time with both parents after family separation or divorce are 50% more likely to drop out of school.
  • FOCUS Primary custody unnecessarily burdens one parent after a divorce.
  • ​FOCUS Gender Equal Parenting allows parents to focus on mental health and career which lets them provide a healthier life for their children.
  • FOCUS Custody battles are adversarial & traumatic for children.
  • FOCUS Science proves that Gender Equal Shared Parenting is better for a child even in high conflict situations.
  • FOCUS Divorce is the 2nd most significant non-medical risk factor for mortality in parents leaving the child without the option of both parents.
  • FOCUS Legal bills mean less financial resources for children.
FOCUS is a child advocacy group who are FOCUSed on Gender Equality in custody disputes for the benefit of the children.  You can become a family champion by joining our FOCUS Awareness Campaign across Canada promoting the Best Interest of the Child in cases of family breakdown.

Please consider joining our Awareness Campaign to promote and improve child well being.  Join us to seek legislative changes to the Divorce Act to reflect the presumption of Gender Equality in the Distribution of Parenting duties and time, at the onset of divorce or separation, in the absence of abuse, neglect, or violence.

Children’s best interests are served by having both parents actively involved in a child's growth and development, while Gender Equality is satisfied by allowing fit parents to raise their children.

You will be guided every step of the way with a Child’s Best Interest Tool kit and peer support to schedule and attend a meeting with your local  legislators, to present information and resources to make changes starting TODAY